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We are truly passionate about creating a seamless and pain-free experience for the corporate traveller, ensuring that whatever challenges your trip brings, you can focus 100% on your business.

We can find seats that even the airline doesn’t know it has

You might think Expedia has an impressive array of bells and whistles, but we book our seats through a Global Distribution System (GDS). Using the GDS enables us to find the very last seat on any flight even up to two hours before it is due to take-off. So, should our client require a last minute change, we can see the availability of every single airline at a glance. It’s going to be far easier for your Head of Product Marketing to call us direct from Heathrow to discuss the options for changing a flight, than scroll through a hundred different websites on his iPhone.

“I started using BizTrip earlier this year following a recommendation from a friend and the service has been fantastic. We’re a new business, growing quickly and we’re travelling a lot. In short, there aren’t enough hours in the day. So having BizTrip take away the headaches of organising all of the travel has been a god send. BizTrip has already saved us so much time and money, meaning we can focus on our growth. Thanks,BizTrip!”

Huw Davies – Vice President of Payments and Channels – Token UK

Will organise routes, tickets, visas, hotels and cars

Just getting from A to B isn’t good enough. We plan routes for our clients that ensure they are getting the best value out of their investment in corporate travel, and spending the least amount of time on the hoof. As a global business, your executives may need to travel to the more ‘off the beaten track’ destinations which require visas. We can advise on where visas are required and get them sorted out for you too. We can also recommend which are the best airports to arrive at in the major cities around the world.

We will be on hand day and night to sort out the little (or the big!) issues

Your PA is probably amazing – most of them are! But, he or she only works 9-5 (or more likely 8am – 7pm). If you work with us, you stop worrying, pick up the phone and we will be there. Having Biz Trip on hand will keep you organised and save you hours of worry and stress. Something you and your business can benefit from.

Delivering Exceptional Standards for the Discerning Leisure Traveller.

Over the years we have seen increased demand from our business travellers who want to see the same high level of service and guidance for their leisure travel. If you are seeking exceptional standards as a discerning traveller please get in touch to discuss what you need.

Christine provides an excellent service for hundreds of flights in almost ten years of my travels around Europe, US and Middle East. Never missed a beat, never let me down.”

Marco Gioanola, Arbor Networks, Italy 

We are far more than just an issuer of tickets

We do far more than just advising on the best approach to travel. Whether it’s finding hotels as close to your meeting as possible or a set of flights that cover meeting times in multiple countries. We can also put together more than just a business trip. How about your global sales kick-off in London, Paris or New York? Let us help you find the right venue and get your event in the diary.

We do all this and more with a smile

We love turning our ‘needle in a haystack’ minds to the little details. This IS our passion and expertise, we have various testimonials from our lovely customers on the pages of our website.

UPDATE: The first batch of scrubs and gowns made by British clothing manufacturer @Barbour at its South Shields factory have been distributed to frontline NHS workers 🇬🇧

Join the challenge of posting an aviation photo. Just a photo, no description. The goal is to post positives instead of spreading negativity. Just copy the text and post it with a nice picture.
✈️ #avgeekchallenge #avgeek

Join the challenge of posting an aviation photo. Just a photo, no description. The goal is to post positives instead of spreading negativity. Just copy the text and post it with a nice picture.
✈️ #avgeekchallenge #avgeek
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